Approved Ferodo Brake Re-line Centre

A poor brake re-line with sub-standard materials might be cheaper in the short term. But there’s more than a good chance that it will work out to be more expensive in the long run. And you could lose far more than a few pounds.

Loose linings, detached linings, wheel lock, jack-knifing and tyre damage all equal vehicle downtime which is costly enough. However, since the introduction of corporate manslaughter legislation in 2007, company directors can be prosecuted if it is deemed that they have not taken adequate steps to prevent a fatality and liability can also pass through the supply chain.

Freeway Autos are now a Ferodo ® Approved Re-line Centre which provides total traceability for every brake shoe and the high standards that each centre employs means that you are doing everything possible to avoid the worst-case consequences of a poor brake re-line.

Freeway Autos are a ‘Ferodo Approved Dealer’ it means you can be sure of a gold standard of service using quality genuine parts. When you see the Approved Brake Re-Line Centre signs, it means that the workshop carries all the required tools and equipment for carrying out a thorough and professional re-line. It also guarantees that the procedures used to carry out the re-line are thorough, correct and professional.

You can expect unrivalled service at Freeway Autos from experienced staff – and in many cases we will be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our workshop has fast access to technical back-up from a Ferodo brake service engineer.

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