Winter Service Wigan

It’s that time of year again; dark when we go to work, dark when we come home. At Freeway Autos Wigan we can’t stress enough about how important it is to get your vehicle checked over before the winter really settles in.

Car Battery Check Wigan

The cold weather attacks all sorts of things and puts a huge strain on car batteries due to the heater being activated, along with lights, rear heated screen and heated mirrors so it’s always good practice to have your batteries health checked so you don’t become stranded one morning/evening.

Anti-Freeze Check Wigan

Another thing, it’s crucial to check is the quality of your anti-freeze. Insufficient levels of anti-freeze can cause major problems in the cold months. If you’re engines coolant happens to freeze the bill could be in the £1000’s. The block of your engine could crack due to water expansion or you try to start the engine to find your water pump has frozen throwing the cambelt and bending the cylinder head valves. Please for the sake of checking your anti-freeze don’t fall victim of the cold months. At Freeway Autos Wigan we carry out a free antifreeze check with every full service.

Free Winter Care Kit With Every Full Service

Also once the clocks go back we’re giving away a FREE winter care kit with every full service. The winter kit Includes Screen Wash, De-icer and Ice Scraper.

Great Prices on Winter Tyres Wigan.

We also offer great prices on Winter Tyres in Wigan.

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