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clutch fitting in Wigan

Clutch fitting in Wigan – If you need a new clutch or not sure if you do, book a FREE Clutch Check at Freeway Autos your.

Your clutch is an essential part of your car. While your only experience is maybe pressing down on the clutch pedal each time you want to shift up or down a gear, inside there’s a lot more going on that you don’t see.

The clutch plates inside your car are kept together by springs when you are driving. They separate when you press down on the pedal, to enable the gears within the car to be changed. This regular, repetitive action eventually wears the clutch down over time, and it will need replacing.

Five Signs That You Need A New Clutch

It’s not always easy to know when they need changing. There are five signs to watch out for when it comes to your vehicle’s performance that mean you could need a clutch replacement:

  • The revs keep climbing but there is little increase in vehicle speed
  • Loss of acceleration as the clutch ‘slips’ or a complete loss of drive
  • Difficulty changing gears
  • Grinding or rattling noise when changing gears
  • Engine revs climb or fall of their own accord

Book a FREE clutch assessment today at FreewayAutos clutch fitting in Wigan and our technicians can tell you openly and honestly whether your car clutch, or van clutch needs replacing, or if what you’re experiencing is a symptom of a different problem.

If your clutch is indeed the problem, then our clutch specialists can get to work straight away to repair or replace your clutch or providing you with a quotation. Contact us:
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Just been told your Dual Mass Flywheel needs replacing? Looking for a garage to fit your clutch in Wiga?

    • ….Whats that?
    • ….Shocked at the potential bill?
    • ….Want to make sure it doesn’t happen again?

Have you noticed how diesel cars have got so much quieter over the years – less rattling? One of the reasons for this is that a Dual Mass Flywheel (DMF) has been fitted to the engine. The main job for this flywheel is to give additional help to reduce the vibrations from the gearbox and engine. It does this through springs built inside the flywheel.

This Dual Mass Flywheel does a tough job of keeping vibrations to a minimum, it works incredibly hard to do this, therefore for some cars it can potentially wear quickly.

This is where a Valeo Conversion kit from Freeway Autos clutch fitting in Wigan can help, it replaces the flywheel with a solid metal flywheel and it also replaces the clutch with a clutch containing heavy duty springs which do the job that the Dual Mass Flywheel was built to do.

The Conversion kit is designed to do exactly the same job as the Dual Mass Flywheel and clutch, and should last longer. The Valeo flywheel is made of solid metal that should last the vehicle’s lifetime, if you stick with the Dual Mass Flywheel it could wear out again; potentially another large expense!

A conversion kit could save you money because it contains a flywheel that has no wear parts, so it should last longer than a Dual Mass Flywheel. You will save money because you should only need to replace the clutch, what a relief!

clutch fitting in Wigan

FreewayAutos at the forefront of clutch fitting in Wigan

Here at our fully equip workshop in Hindley we have all the latest tools to get your and your car back on the road in a quick and speedy manor.

Not only do we replace clutch kits on cars but we also have the equipment to replace the clutch on your commercial truck and van. Call us today for a FREE clutch replacement quote Tel:01942 521 370.

clutch fitting in Wigan

How The Clutch Works

The clutch connects and disconnects the engine from the gearbox (transmission) allowing smooth gearchange and control of the engine power.
A clutch plate (driven plate) is coated on both sides with a hard wearing high friction material. This is situated between the engine flywheel and a spring loaded pressure plate. The spring/pressure can be released by depressing the clutch pedal.
While driving, the whole clutch assembly can be turning at very high speeds. To allow a non rotating clutch pedal to control the rotating clutch assembly a clutch release bearing uses a fork acting on a thrust face.

Clutch – Controlling Engine Torque

The clutch has to transmit the engine power to the wheels allowing the vehicle to move. The torque of the engine is transferred by the clutch system relying entirely on the contact friction between 2 faces. A slipping clutch occurs when the friction is too low (often due to clutch wear) or engine torque is too high (during rapid acceleration)
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Freeway Autos are at the forefront of vehicle maintenance and have an extensive range of equipment to replace your worn out clutch. With our top of the range Snap On equipment and being an authorized Valeo clutch fitting centre we can quickly get you back on the road quicker than the competition.